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Are you a stay at home Mom or a hard working individual looking to supplement your income? Have you recently been laid off? We have the solution for you!

At last a clear and organized booklet to help you find the perfect home based job for you. Find the perfect assembly job for increasing your income in just a few days. Guaranteed!


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Our directory only includes companies that offer home assembly programs. Do you know why companies offer home assembly programs? We will explain this to you later…



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Stop wasting your time looking at hundreds of confusing web sites offering superficial information or scamming people!


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More than 30 LEGITIMATE at home employment offers!


Let us share our story with you about our experience looking for a true home-based job opportunity.


Like you, we are hard working people. I work regular hours at my everyday job while my wife stays at home taking care of our young son after been recently laid-off.

I work hard but the money never seems to be enough so one day we began contemplating the idea of getting a couple of home-based jobs to complement our family income. That was the same day we got frustrated and terrified by the complexity and variety of home-based opportunity offers.


There are so many different companies and websites offering misleading information!


We wonder why everything is so complicated, maybe because there are too many scam sites taking advantage of honest people like you?


The following day, we decided to solve this huge home-based job search confusion. For more than eight months we spent our days researching hundreds of websites, analyzing every single offer they have, contacting the companies, requesting information, and verifying their authenticity.


We have sifted through hundreds of companies and removed the ones that are not offering legitimate Work from Home Jobs, and left only the Best Companies, we feel that will hire you.


Nobody has done this before! It took us tens of hundreds of hours to prepare this detailed report.


We have organized all of the information we gathered and then prepared this guide to help you - our fellow job seekers - save your valuable time and easily find a great job for you. Somebody had to do it!



This guide will help you define which options are available for you so you can learn about the companies that offer REAL jobs and contact them right away to get information and begin making money.


It’s about HOME EMPLOYMENT that allows you to make money working in the comfort of your home. Assembling Products for Companies at home allows you to be your own boss, make your own schedule, and work at your own pace.



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P.S. Some companies offer home based assembly programs to save money themselves. The cost to lease a building, and keeping assembly employees on staff and pay, insurance, etc... is to costly. It keeps the cost down for these companies to hire out Home Based Assemblers, so they can sell their product at competitive prices.


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